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Research Interests

I am interested in helping programs scale from workstations up to huge machines in order to solve the biggest problems in data-intensive and scientific computing workloads. To tackle this problem I design programming models that naturally express parallelism, locality, and application requirements, and compilers, runtimes, and databases that leverage the new information for aggressive optimizations that improve performance without sacrificing correctness. I love learning about and working with every aspect of the stack, from hardware, through language implementation and design, all the way up to the cutting-edge science and technology driving the applications.


University of Washington
University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire



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Research and Work Experience

TwitterSoftware Engineer Intern — Summer 2014
Microsoft Research (Redmond)Research Intern — Summer 2013
Cray, Inc.Software Intern — Summer 2011
EpicSoftware Development Intern — Summer 2009
UWECUndergraduate Researcher — May 2009-May 2011

Teaching Experience

Instructor at University of Washington – Spring 2016
Teaching Assistant at University of Washington
Instructor at National Computational Science Institute (NCSI) Workshops
Teaching Assistant at UW-Eau Claire